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We are at present having a problem with licensing authorities for clubs who are registered with a 'club premises certificate'.

Clubs are now progressing and using Facebook to advertise future events which is creating problems because they forget what we used to do in the press.  To comply with conditions of your license you must not: allow artists, or any other function, to advertise on your website stating that tickets for a future event can be purchased from somewhere other than the club; you must not let outside bodies take over your club.  If a function is being held at your club it must be run by the club for the club members, their guests and affiliated members.

You must remember that whatever form you use to promte your club either by newspaper etc, or electronically (ie Facebook) you must use the heading 'MEMBErS NOTICE'.

The licensing authorities are not trying to stop you traing, but you are Labour Clubs and in this climate there are plenty of people waiting to shop you!!