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BEWARE - Insurance risks

A number of clubs have recently experienced problems where the alarm contacts, usually on their external doors, have been tampered with.  When the club then comes to set the alarm at the close of business it doesn't set properly.  The thieves then return later and break into the premises in the knowledge that the external bells will not sound and the central monitoring stations will not be notified.  Your insurance policy will normally contain an Alarm Warraty and without an adequately set alarm any theft claim is unlikely to be paid.

On more modern systems the alarm key panel may provide a message to inidcate that the alarm hasn't set properly.  On older alarms however it might simply be a different alarm tone, or the fact that the alarm tone doesn't stop after the given time scale that should highlight to you that there is aproblem.  It is vitally important that yur staff and relevant committee members fully undderstand how your alarm operates and what the different codes and tones might mean.  If you are in any dowbt then the premises must not be left unattended until the problem has been fixed.  If you cannot hear the alarm tone from outside the premises when you lock up then you may want to consider having the alarm panel moved to a better location.

Your alarm code should be reviewed regularly to ensure that only the currently relevant people know it.  If you have employed a new steward for example or parted company with an employee on bad terms, then you should ensure that the code is changed.