Affiliation Cards will be sent out in October.. 

If your club require cards please contact me on 01744 758746 or by email  In the meantime I will be sending out the usual number to the clubs I already am in contact with.

Blocking Internet streaming

Article by Matthew Young in Friday 28 July 2017 Daily Mirror - Lack of the NET

BEWARE - Insurance risks

A number of clubs have recently experienced problems where the alarm contacts, usually on their external doors, have been tampered with.  When the club then comes to set the alarm at the close of business it doesn't set properly.  The thieves then return later and break into the premises in the knowledge that the external bells will not sound and the central monitoring stations will not be notified.  Your insurance policy will normally contain an Alarm Warraty and without an adequately set alarm any theft claim is unlikely to be paid.


GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE.  because of the Coronavirus we have unfortunately had to CANCEL the Conference for March 2020.  However we have now arranged for Conference 2021 and that will now be held on the weekend 12 - 15 March 2021 once again at The Elgin Hotel in Blackpool.  The cost of the weekend will be £150 per person for our usual information/ fun packed weekend; we will also be including the trip out.


We are at present having a problem with licensing authorities for clubs who are registered with a 'club premises certificate'.

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